BMW MINI ISTA-D + 4.14.14 ISTA-P Nov 2018 Diagnostics + Programming

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Verkoper: Top-Rated Seller as-diagnostics (350) 100%, Objectlocatie: Bradford, Verzending naar: Worldwide, Objectnummer: 163353294819 ISTA-D + 4.14.14 (Nov18) ISTA-P (Nov 18) SDP 4.14.12 (for ICOM Programming + Coding) Windows 10 64 or Windows 7 64bit Needed and Fully updated! ( This is critical) Brand New just released as of Nov 2018 Download Size 153GB total Size 350GB Diagnostic software for all BMW models Standalone version use on your external hard drive memory stick etc Reg and license files included lifetime Permanent activation E-X Cars can avoid using 135gb of HDD space by not adding F-G-I coding files for ISTA + ( These are not needed if you don't have the F Series BMW G or I cars) ICOM is needed now to Program F-G-I Cars no workaround. Download Via Personal Link, Have Decent Internet or don't buy this, This is the complete package, not a cheap china copy or incomplete version (As many sell Cheap) Delivery Method: Digital Downloads Personal Link.A download link will be sent to the buyer's email after payment is confirmed at PayPal normally takes 5mins. Skype & Discord Support available Windows 10 64bit works with Mac with Windows Boot Loader or VM machine Message if required older versions can be installed for windows 7,8 if required. Available in English(UK-US)-French-Dutch-German-Russian supported more languages to be added in the future Please check my Feedback and buy with confidence I will personally install any software remotely for FREE!!! (You first must have downloaded the software for me to do a remote session, For complete install from 0-100, it will be £10.00 via Paypal Invoice. All updates to Windows must be done before doing any installs. Have a Decent laptop don't try and run this on an old Windows xp laptop, 4gb Ram MIN i3-i5 reccmoneded with 2ghz MIN Full YouTube Videos on How to install the programs video link will be provided after purchase via Email. Remote Install for free if required. ISTA-D 4.13.14 Sep 2018 and SDP SDP 4.14.20Standalone Take to any PC Via External USB or DriveE-F-X Series Cars Supported As of Sep 2018- Will be updated When Available. Reg Files Included Remote install for Free. Works on every single 16pin OBD BMW and Newer.BMW I8 Motorbikes all Supported. The Cable Interface required:K+DCAN,D-CAN CABLE (No Firmware update is necessary)ICOM-A2 (Firmware update is require if less than 3.14.10E-NET CABLE (No Firmware update necessary)ICOM-A1 ( This unit must have firmware updated to 3.14.10.) Computer System Specs:Intel i3/i5/i7 Quad core or Dual core CPU frequency 2.2 GHz or more.Ram Memory is Minimum 8GB Memory to Maximum to 16GBWindows /8/10 (x 64 Bit)Hard Drive Space 250 GB Free space AvailableEthernet & LAN Port required.Windows XP VM-Machine Required for DIS-TIS-SSSD+KCAN Cable of good quality no ebay cheap cables BMW support notes:A single module can be coded or Programmed with any other module as a part of the Measures Plan). ISTA-P uses the other module for backup and comparing the current i-level of the Vehicle in case if one of the module goes off-line or become functionally dead). It remembers the pair or group of modules that last programmed and updated to reflect what the integration Level is. Some people try to create a measures plan with only a single module, and then when going forward they see that ISTA-P does include another module along side the single module you are programming and wonder why. The Modules on modern day BMWs are made to updated together as a part of the measures plan for the i-level of the Vehicle to be in unison with the year and month when that particular chassis was released as a collection which BMW tested and knows all work fine together......................................................................................................................................................................................................... Huge UPDATES AS OF April 2018 NOW ICOM READY !! I can now install your ICOM System remotely for free and give you the best coding and programming options online for your BMW the BMW ICOM system is the most stable and best way to code and programme + diagnostics for any BMW as of 2018! Code VIA Wifi or E-NET New versions of ISTA and ISTA-P are now readily updated as of 2018 with the lastest Datens E-F-G-X-I Cars Motorbikes all supported Mini and Rolls Royce What is an I-level (or Integration Level?)The ECU's in a BMW are not meant to be updated individually, rather as a collection which BMW tested and knows all work fine together. The collective version number of all programmed ECU's is called the I-level, or Integration level (German: I-stufe). The term I-level was adopted by BMW around the year 2004 and applies only to lines which were in development/production in 2004 or after (E60, E70, E90, etc.). The I-level is a set of numbers that looks like E89X-11-09-410. The first part represents the chassis group, which is followed by the year and month of the release and a build number for that release. So, E89X-11-09-410 would mean an E80/E90, 09/2011, version 410. You will often see a set of two I-levels, something like E89X-05-10-026, E89X-11-09-410. In this case the first set is called the Factory I-level, or the level with which the car left the factory, and the second the Dealer Organization I-level, or the current version programmed by the dealer. What you should realize is that neither Progman nor ISTA will be able to do anything if it contains an earlier data set than the I-level programmed in your car. That's normal when you think about it, as Progman doesn't know this version and has no idea what to do with it. In order to see the maximum I-level supported by Progman, look in the file D:/Programme/IFS/SP/E89/daten/E89AEDOC.000 (open it with a text editor, I recommend Notepad++), scroll to the end, and look for a comment that looks like this: //E89-11-09-410 That is the maximum I-level that this particular SP data set supports (other chassis may have a different format, look for the word "I-stufe"). For other chassis groups replace E89 with your appropriate chassis (E60, E46, etc.) Another way to see which I-levels an SP data set supports is to look in the file kmmData/kmm_ZK.txt. Note if there were no changes in a particular data set release, there will also be no changes in this file (and hence no new updates for your car). Keep in mind that some modules like the DME can be updated a very limited number of times. This has to do with high reliability demands for the module. Therefore always think twice before re-flashing a module, if it works fine and there are no above cool features in a new release that you just must have, leave it alone. How is the I-level determined? Progman polls all known modules for their identification, which contains among other things the UIF block (user info field). This contains the so-called ZB-number (zusammenbau, or assembly identification number), which is simply the part number of a particular programmed ECU (i.e. its a unique value assigned to a unique combination of ECU hardware and software). This number Progman maps, using internal tables, to an I-level to which this particular assembly corresponds. Does the I-level stored in the car? Yes: In E-series the factory and actual I-level is stored in CAS and FRM. BMW BRANDS Supported: Please note for newer BMW model Cars you will require a ICOM or Enet setup please fully read up and understand the install procedure of your ICOM or Enet setup before purchase , We can install all software required but please beware that we will not offer any refunds for customers who don't understand how to install there correct Interface before purchase, K+Dcan fully supported with Remote driver installation for a smooth experience BMW Vehicles ListBMW E30 BMW M3 E30 — (1983–1991) 3 Series Sedan/Coupe/Touring/Convertible/M3 Coupe/Convertible BMW Z1 — (1988–1991) Z1 Roadster BMW E31 — (1989–1999) 8 Series Coupe BMW E32 — (1986–1994) 7 Series Sedan BMW E32 — (1987–1994) 7 Series Sedan long wheelbase BMW E34 BMW M5 E34 — (1988–1995) 5 Series Sedan/M5 Sedan BMW E34 — (1991–1996) 5 Series Touring BMW E36 BMW M3 E36 — (1991–1999) 3 Series Coupe/M3 Coupe BMW E36 — (1994–1999) 3 Series Touring BMW E36 BMW M3 E36 — (1991–1999) 3 Series Sedan/M3 Sedan BMW E36 BMW M3 E36 — (1993–1999) 3 Series Convertible/M3 Convertible E36/5 — (1994–2000) 3 Series Compact E36/7 BMW M Roadster E36/7 — (1995–2002) Z3 Roadster/Z3 M Roadster E36/8 BMW M Coupe E36/8 — (1997–2002) Z3 Coupe/Z3 M Coupe BMW E38 — (1994–2001) 7 Series Sedan BMW E38/2 — (1994–2001) 7 Series Sedan long wheelbase BMW E38/3 — (1998–2001) 7 Series Sedan Protection BMW E39 BMW M5 E39 — (1995–2003) 5 Series Sedan/M5 Sedan BMW E39/2 — (1996–2003) 5 Series Touring BMW E46 BMW M3 E46 — (1999–2006) 3 Series Coupe/M3 Coupe BMW E46 — (1999–2006) 3 Series Touring BMW E46 — (1998–2006) 3 Series Sedan BMW E46/5 — (2000–2004) 3 Series Compact BMW E46 BMW M3 E46 — (1999–2006) 3 Series Convertible/M3 Convertible BMW E52 — (1999–2003) Z8 Roadster BMW E53 — (1999–2006) X5 Sport Activity Vehicle BMW E60 BMW M5 E60 — (2003–2010) 5 Series Sedan/M5 Sedan BMW E61 BMW M5 E61 — (2003–2007) 5 Series Touring/M5 Touring BMW E63 BMW M6 E63 — (2003–2010) 6 Series Coupe/M6 Coupe BMW E64 BMW M6 E64 — (2003–2010) 6 Series Convertible/M6 Convertible BMW E65 — (2001–2007) 7 Series short wheelbase BMW E66 — (2001–2007) 7 Series long wheelbase BMW E67 — (2001–2007) 7 Series Protection BMW E68 — (2005–2007) Hydrogen 7 BMW E70 BMW X5 M — (2007–2013) X5 Sports Activity Vehicle/X5 M Sports Activity Vehicle BMW E71 BMW X6 M — (2008–present) X6 Sports Activity Coupe/X6 M Sports Activity Coupe BMW E72 — (2009–2011) X6 Hybrid Sports Activity Coupe BMW E81 — (2007–2012) 1 Series Hatchback 3-door BMW E82 BMW 1M Coupe — (2007–2013) 1 Series Coupe/1M Coupe BMW E83 — (2004–2012) X3 Sports Activity Vehicle BMW E84 — (2009–present) X1 Compact Sports Activity Vehicle BMW E85 BMW M Roadster E85 — (2002–2008) Z4 Roadster/Z4 M Roadster BMW E86 BMW M Coupe E86 — (2006–2008) Z4 Coupe/Z4 M Coupe BMW E87 — (2004–2011) 1 Series Hatchback 5-door BMW E88 — (2008–2013) 1 Series Convertible BMW E89 — (2009–present) Z4 Roadster BMW E90 BMW M3 E90 — (2005–2011) 3 Series Sedan/M3 Sedan BMW E91 — (2005–2011) 3 Series Touring BMW E92 BMW M3 E92 — (2006–2013) 3 Series Coupe/M3 Coupe BMW E93 BMW M3 E93 — (2007–2013) 3 Series Convertible/M3 Convertible BMW F01 — (2008–present) 7 Series BMW F02 — (2009–present) 7 Series long wheelbase BMW F03 — (2008–present) 7 Series Protection BMW F04 — (2011–present) 7 Series Active[-Hybrid BMW F06 BMW M6 F06 — (2011–present) 6 Series Gran Coupe/M6 Gran Coupe BMW F07 — (2009–present) 5 Series Gran Turismo BMW F10 BMW M5 F10 — (2011–present) 5 Series Sedan/M5 Sedan BMW F11 — (2012–present) 5 Series Touring BMW F12 BMW M6 F12 — (2011–present) 6 Series Coupe/M6 Coupe BMW F13 BMW M6 F13 — (2011–present) 6 Series Convertible/M6 Convertible BMW F15 — (2013–present) X5 Sports Activity Vehicle BMW F16 — (2014) X6 Sports Activity Coupe BMW F18 — (2010–present) 5 Series long wheelbase BMW F20 — (2011–present) 1 Series Hatchback 5-door BMW F21 — (2012–present) 1 Series Hatchback 3-door BMW F22 — (2013–present) 2 Series Coupe BMW F23 — (2014) 2 Series Convertible BMW F25 — (2010–present) X3 Sports Activity Vehicle BMW F26 — (2014–present) X4 Sports Activity Coupe BMW F30 — (2012–present) — 3 Series Sedan BMW F31 — (2012–present) 3 Series Touring BMW F32 — (2013–present) 4 Series Coupe BMW F33 — (2013–present) 4 Series Convertible BMW F34 — (2013–present) 3 Series Gran Turismo BMW F35 — (2012–present) 3 Series long wheelbase BMW F36 — (2014) 4 Series Gran Coupe BMW F45 — (2014) 2 Series Active Tourer BMW F46 — (2014) 2 Series 7 Seat Gran Tourer BMW F47 — (2017) X2 Compact Sports Activity Coupe BMW F48 — (2015) X1 Compact Sports Activity Vehicle BMW F49 — (2015) X1 7 Seat Compact Sports Activity Vehicle BMW F52 — (2015–present) 1 Series Sedan BMW F80 — (2014–present) M3 Sedan BMW F82 — (2014–present) M4 Coupe BMW F83 — (2014–present) M4 Convertible BMW F85 — (2015) X5 M Sports Activity Vehicle BMW F86 — (2015) X6 M Sports Activity Coupe BMW F87 — (2015) M2 Coupe BMW G01 — (2017) X3 Sports Activity Vehicle BMW G11 — (2016) 7 Series short wheelbase BMW G12 — (2016) 7 Series long wheelbase BMW G30 — (2016) 5 SeriesBMW iBMW i01 — (2014–present) i3 compact electric city car BMW i12 — (2014–present) i8 electric sports carPlease note: No Refunds will be issued for digital downloads please read before buying and understand that I will not be held responsible for incorrect purchases made in error. Please note I do not take any responsibility for the software or any incompatibles due to hardware, ALL software is 100% tested before sold. I am not held responsible for the software or listing it's copyright of BMW this not for commercial use only use for personal diagnostics and coding of your genuine bmw parts. all software is copyright of the bmw group i don't own claim to own any contenthis listing. Condition: New Insights Exclusief
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