BMW & Mini INPA EDIABAS DIS GT1 v44 and v57 SSS Progman Super Easy Installation! ADS, K-Line & DCAN (Serial & USB) DK/OPS/OPPS Support

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Verkoper: pss-1 (704) 100%, Objectlocatie: Potsdam, Verzending naar: Worldwide, Objectnummer: 301352241817 pss-autosoft EasyInstall™ BMW and Mini Diagnostic Software Custom Installation for the BMW EDIABAS, DIS GT1 v44, DIS GT1 v57 and SSS Progman (No Cables Included!) With full support for USB or Serial KCAN, DCAN, K+DCAN, Serial ADS cables, and OEM DK/OPS/OPPS Interfaces! Due to a death in our family, we will be closed and will NOT SHIP during the period from May 3, 2017 through May 14, 2017 while traveling to the US. While we will be attempting to answer emails and provide remote support as opportunities and facilities exist, our ability to answer and be available with our normal timeliness will be severely impacted. - Thank you for understanding! IF YOU PLACE AN ORDER DURING THIS TIME YOU AGREE TO WAIT FOR THE SHIPPING WITHOUT COMPLAINT. If you need the software with the minimal delay, see our website for the "Download" version!--> SSS Progman Home Page X Do you need to diagnose your BMW or Mini? We provide the software you provide computer and diagnostic interface! Our system includes the BMW "Dealer Information System" (DIS), "Software Service Station with Progman" (SSS Progman) and the tools the factory used to program your car to start with - the EDIABAS tool set. All provided in a complete, functional, works every time, package that includes correctly configuring the host computer for ANY supported diagnostic interface. What can you do with these tools? Basically anything the dealer could do: Dealer Level Diagnostics Auto Identify your vehicle Fault Reading / Resetting Code / Program modules Coding of New Battery to your BMW Read / Clear / Reset ABS Light codes Reset Service Light Apply Firmware & Software updates Display Real Time Diagnosis and Data Check ABS Wheel Speed Sensor function Test specific systems Create Test Plans for Repairs/Upgrades/Updates EWS DME Synchronization Programming of vehicle functions (including retrofitting of items) Coding of vehicle functions Key Memory and Personalization Reset Adaptations Steering angle sensor adaptation Systems Activation Reset SMG / SSG Functions Plus many more tasks available when using the either the dealer or factory tool set! Factory tool functions Change the Vehicle Order (ZCS or VO) to reflect different battery capacity Change functional parameters of installed systems Flash modules with updated software Directly read the status of an individual modules Perform tasks that the DIS or Progman are explicitly blocked from performing And so much more... DIS with TIS X DIS v57 Home Page X What is included on the DVD Preconfigured EDIABAS 6.4.7 with data through 2008, Preconfigured EDIABAS 7.3.0 with data through Dec 2017 EDIABAS includes (just a partial listing): INPA NCS EXPERT NFS (New Flash System) Tool32 WinKFP EDIABAS 6.4.3 CD - .ISO file (optional installation method) EDIABAS 6.4.5 CD - .ISO file (optional installation method) DIS and Progman versions: DIS v44 DIS v57** SSS Progman v32** TIS v12/2007 (This is pre-installed in all our DIS offerings (for BMW and Mini), it is not standalone!) pss-autosoft "EasyInstall™" utility programs to configure, test and verify system settings: DirectInstall - This is the utility used for installing the system via download. Not generally used with the DVD version, but included EZCableSelect - Utility that allows users to select ANY serial, USB or LAN connection for their actual cable. Supports M.O.S.T. for OPS/OPPS/ICOM heads. EZCheckSettings - Utility that verifies the actual setting changes necessary to run the BMW tools are valid. EZConfigure - This utility actually configures any settings that cannot be set until the remainder of the system is installed. This includes: Adding installed virtual machines to VMware Player menu Modifying the VMware network interface to work with the BMW tools Modifying the Windows Firewall settings to allow the BMW tools to communicate internally EZFTDIConfigure - This programs sole function is to set the FTDI latency EZSwitch - This program is only used when the install "Dual-EDIABAS" option was chosen. This allows the user to change the active EDIABAS as needed for specific tasks. EZUpdate - Utility that downloads optional files. Specifically the WinKFP "Assembly Line Data". This data is needed when there is a reason to "Flash" an module to some other software level. And when an "Emergency Flash" is required to recover a bricked module. EZWinKFPCheck - When there has been one or more of the WinKFP Assembly Line Data sets downloaded, there is a need to select the correct chassis data for the data in use. This tool allows the user to switch as needed. FTDI USB drivers Complete documentation on installing the EasyInstall™ system. All required supporting applications except VMware and Virtual Clone Drive.The VCD is only downloaded if needed when using the OEM EDIABAS CD image files. TeamViewer version 11 for remote support Support is also available via phone and email Optional items that are NOT on the DVD but available via download ONLY: DIS v39 (Useful for those with the earliest BMW's, also includes English TIS) French DIS v57 (includes French Language TIS) German DIS v57 (includes German Language TIS) WinKFP/NFS "Assembly Line Data" - available for one model or all models. (This can take up to an additional 40 GB of disk space) ** Note that BMW NEVER released any version of the SSS Progman past v32 or DIS past 57. Any version claiming to be newer (such as one vendors SSS v63 I saw recently) is using data that was hacked into the system. What they have done in every instance is dump the raw BMW update data that BMW releases monthly to their workshops into the DIS in place of the files already there. This would be fine except that BMW INCLUDES A DATABASE WHICH CONTAINS ALL THE RELEVANT DATA RELATING TO CHASSIS, DATA, REVISIONS, AND ADAPTATIONS FOR THE ACTUAL INCLUDED DATA. Since there is no way to integrate this “updated data” into the existing DIS or Progman database, at best you have a bloated DIS that has gigabytes of useless data, at worst you have a DIS that will actually damage your vehicle if coding is attempted because a file that was replaced shares the same basic structure and file name as one referenced in the database, but the contents are completely different which then causes faulty data to be encoded to your vehicle. Models covered (upper model year is 2009 no matter what chassis) X The DIS and Progman vehicles: BMW 1987 - 2009 Mini 2001 - 2009 Rolls-Royce 2003 - 2009 The "factory" EDIABAS tools: BMW (E-Series models ONLY!) from 1987 - 2017 Mini (R-Series models ONLY!) 2001 - 2016 Rolls-Royce "RR1/RR2/RR3" models from 2003- NOTE: THIS SYSTEM DOES NOT SUPPORT ANY F-, G-, or I-SERIES BMW PRODUCT! EZCableSelect X Dual-EDIABAS Selector X Unique to our system: Custom installer that provides multiple options during installation No instructions that require tasks such as "Go to Windows device manager, find ...." Everything is done for you. EZCableSelect program that correctly configures the EDIABAS to match YOUR interface EZDownload utility which provides access to the optional DIS downloads EZFTDIConfig utility that correctly configures the port settings of an installed FTDI chipped EDIABAS cable EZSwitch utility that allows user to change the active version of the EDIABAS to fit their immediate need EZUpdate utility to download WinKFP / NFS Assembly line data (this can be quite large, up to 32GB once extracted!) EZWinKFP utility that allows users who install the entire gamut of Assembly Line Data for the WinKFP to select the specific chassis they are working with Includes the ability to actually print reports from the DIS or Progman (though they are saved as "PFD" files since printers in cars are pretty rare) Use the SSS Progman with any diagnostic interface with any vehicle (that exists in the Progman model selector) with the exception of ADS cables - ADS vehicles require an OEM DK (Yellow Head) Management tools for the DIS that allow the user to: Properly shutdown the DIS. No more corrupted databases from incorrect shutdown! Configure the DIS for any interface type - ADS, K-Line/DCAN, DK/OPS/OPPS Two complete EDIABAS installations with preconfigured data, install and ready to use! IMPORTANT! There are several sellers out of the UK that have been marketing a "Download" version of this software using our images - they are NOT selling our software so please do not presume what I offer is what they're providing. Their feedback shows the integrity of their claims. And for some reason ebay lets them continue, but removes them upon reporting their theft. SSS Progman Desktop Cable Selector X SSS Progman Connection Modes X The system supports original BMW diagnostic heads: DK (Diagnose Kopf also called a "Yellow Head") OPS (with MOST) OPPS (with MOST and Byteflight ) And after-market EDIABAS specific diagnostic cables: ADS "TinyADS" for ADS cars (RS232 serial cable) ADS/K-Line format is "RS232 serial cable" KK USB "K-Line" cable K+DCAN EDIABAS cable What do you need? Windows XP (32 bit) for ADS cars (though there is USB version available from two vendors). All other BMW/Mini or Rolls-Royce supported models: Windows XP 32 bit Windows Vista (32/64) Windows 7 (32/64) Windows 8.1 (32/64) Windows 10 (32/64) This is important: The software is intended for "Western" languages of Windows, and there can be issues with non-western language character sets that affect the installation. Examples of difficult languages are: Japanese, Korean, Russian, Greek. NOTE: Some special considerations are required regarding anti-virus or antimalware programs. There are NO modern AV/AM programs that allow the BMW Software to function as intended (even when supposedly disabled). The ONLY AV/AM programs that will work and provide protections are the Microsoft Security Essentials (XP - Windows 7) or Windows Defender (built in to Windows 8 and newer). Hardware needs: Hard drive with at least 45 GB of free space (for DVD installations if all options selected, the downloadable version is variable) Up to 95GB necessary if you install all possible data and updates. Display with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 (larger is usually better) 2GB RAM minimum .NET Framework 3.5 PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat for example) DVD reader that supports 8.5GB "Dual-Layer" DVD's Mouse for the DIS. The DIS does not generally recognize touch-input from modern touch screens. DVD reader internal or external (Media is supplied on an 8.5GB DVD). The screen resolution must be at least 1024 x 768. Real RS232 9 pin Serial Port on standard hardware COM1. (for ADS interface cars this is REQUIRED, optional for K-Line) USB 2.0 port free for USB cables. About our install versus all others: Every other installation fits one of two categories: They include a specific configuration that fits their cable (usually provided) and if the computer is close, their installation only needs a little fiddling to work. But it only works with a specific set of circumstances, some cars, some years and some software. Their installation requires the user to make numerous manual adjustments to the Windows so that the system will work. Basically they found the software and instructions from 2009 and just sold them to you without any knowledge of what different versions of Windows require nor can they write programs to do these tasks automatically. Unlike those options OUR system requires almost no knowledge of Windows and can use any legitimate diagnostic cable or program equally well. We do not require any special "Change this setting in the Windows device manager" sort of steps that every other package of this nature requires. Our unique installation handles all the special configuration necessary to make this work with any version of Windows. What do you do to install? EZInstall Installation options X Put the DVD in the drive, (normally Windows automatically starts installation), enter your provided registration information. Select the options you need: Install a preconfigured EDIABAS tool set with data. OR: Do your own EDIABAS install from source CD (it's your choice!) Install the supporting software tools to allow printing from the DIS to the host PC Install PDF Converter Install PDF Writer Install Print Server Install DIS v44 (if appropriate for your cars) Install DIS v57 (if appropriate for your cars) Install SSS Progman (if appropriate for your cars) Download and install appropriate VMware Player version All are selections where you point and click, no "change this setting" required. If you have not installed your cable (if using a USB EDIABAS cable) install the cable drivers (automatic most of the time when first connected) then run the EZFTDI configuration tool. Run the final configuration program (once the EZInstall system is completed and you've installed all the supporting software). Reboot computer Run our EZCableSelector to configure the EDIABAS tools for the actual hardware you have - Serial, USB or LAN (USB "COM" ports will appear only after the FTDI drivers are installed). Then connect to car and diagnose! Terms and conditions IMPORTANT! Purchasing this software means that you have read all the requirements and the following terms and conditions and fully understand that if your existing hardware and/or software does not fully meet them, the installation may not work. If your BMW or Mini is newer or older than those listed, it may not work. This diagnostic/coding software is very powerful so clearly understand that it can fix or break your car depending upon the care with which you use it. Technical support is available via email and via "Team Viewer" using remote access. I want this to work for you, so please let me know if you encounter any issues. If you have any pre-purchase questions, please ask via ebay. We will reply promptly. Please note that DVD's of 8.5GB capacity require a DVD reader that is properly capable of reading dual-layer DVD's. All sales are final. Why? Each installation DVD is internally serial numbered and encrypted registration personal information about the purchaser is included on the DVD, and it could not be resold only destroyed. Payment Payment is accepted only via PayPal, and we only ship to confirmed PayPal addresses. Shipping and transit times: Packages will be shipped within 1 business day (excluding holidays in Germany) of the payment being received by PayPal (often shipped same day if order is recieved from ebay before 1pm CET). If we are travelling, we will post it here, and modify the shipping information accordingly. Shipping outside of Germany: International Postage is provided by Deutsche Post using their "Brief International mit Einschreiben International". Once the package is into your countries mail system, you may be able to track the package to your door using your countries postal tracking system (for example the USPS tracking information: Please read Deutsche Post transit times to your country at In Deutschaland: Versand in Deutschland ist durch Deutsche Post mit einschreiben. Sendung verfolgen: Shipping cost: $10.00 USD anywhere we ship. Duties and Customs Fees: Any import fees (Customs fees, Duties etc.) levied by your country upon import are the responsibility of the purchaser. Damaged / Lost / Faulty Goods: Should posted items become lost or arrive damaged then please contact us through eBay to allow me to assist as much as possible in a claim against the Deutsche Post. All items are tested prior to shipping. In the unlikely event of a faulty item being received we will happily send out a replacement item, once the original has been returned in its original condition. Any Item found to have been modified or otherwise tampered with will be returned to the buyer at the buyers expense. Technical support: Complete installation instructions are enclosed with each item. Technical support is offered to all customers, free of additional charge. Correspondence will be made with the original eBay buyer account / PayPal email address only. We provide support via email, phone and use the remote support applications "TeamViewer". Due to a death in our family, we will be closed and will NOT SHIP during the period from May 3, 2017 through May 14, 2017 while traveling to the US. While we will be attempting to answer emails and provide remote support as opportunities and facilities exist, our ability to answer and be available with our normal timeliness will be severely impacted. - Thank you for understanding! IF YOU PLACE AN ORDER DURING THIS TIME YOU AGREE TO WAIT FOR THE SHIPPING WITHOUT COMPLAINT. If you need the software with the minimal delay, see our website for the "Download" version!--> Language for Documentation and Applications Documentation and applications are currently written in English, and are designed strictly for western versions of the Windows operating systems supported (for example: installing on a Windows version that was originally in a language such as Korean, Russian or Chinese will generally not work). The EDIABAS applications are dual-language, English and German. Some included data and screens in the EDIABAS system are ONLY displayed in German however. The DIS v44 and v57 are offered in English only while the SSS Progman is distributed in English but has up to 18 languages included. Updates and/or Upgrades Upgrades or updates, when or if offered, will be available only via Internet download. You will need to keep your original installation DVD for any subsequent update/upgrade we may choose to offer. Note: The customized system software including DIS v44, DIS v57, SSS Progman v32 and EDIABAS 6.4.7/7.3.0 is included complete and properly configured and ready to run for your convenience. For more information, contact us through ebay. Who I am: Well, ebay has mandated that I cannot tell you that. In this case, google is your friend! Remember! We are shipping this from Germany which (to the USA for example) takes on average a total of four to seven business days during normal delivery conditions. We ship only using Deutsche Post All images and text in this listing are creative property and copyright (©) of pss-autosoft. The names of the third party software or companies mentioned in this listing are the copyright of the respective software owners and are used in an effort to describe what the included software is in support of. All rights reserved. Note to eBay VERI / VERO & SafeHarbor Teams: Do not cancel this insertion. A dishonest competitor is using a false account to report this item as infringing Copyright, which is false (cfr. article 4 (2) of Commission Regulation (EC) No 1400/2002 of 31 July 2002), and I will provide evidence of this fact upon request; at that time I will require the identity of the slanderer to sue for compensation of damages. Do not cancel this insertion, it does not violate any Copyright as this type of information is not eligible for it as demonstrated by EU Laws reported in the above links. All the software included is either owned, authored and copyrighted by myself, or is used with written permission of the owner, or is not under copyright protection due the the above mentioned facts. Add a map to your own listings. FREE Trial ! Condition: New, Supported System: ABS, Manufacturer Part Number: 3000-003.B, OBD Interface: CAN, Brand: Insights Exclusief
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